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Czech military police instructors deployed to Iraq

The Czech Republic sent another Military Police Training Unit to Iraq on Sunday February 4, where the unit will help train local forces.

Seven Czech military police instructors, most of them members of the Military Police Command Tabor, will replace colleagues who have been operating at the BDSC base in Baghdad and will remain in place for six months. Working closely with Italian Carabinieri contingent, their task is to provide training and mentoring to the Iraqi armed forces with focus on teaching basic police skills, such as shooting, tactics and first aid. Similar assistance to the Iraqi armed forces is already provided by the Police of the Czech Republic.

"Czech military police have a wealth of knowledge and experience in mentoring. They already helped train thousands of Iraqi and Afghan security forces in the past. I am proud that Czech soldiers not only fulfil the tasks at home perfectly, but can also pass on their knowledge to foreign colleagues," Minister of Defense Karla Slechtova was quoted as saying by MoD offical news website.

Along with the instructors three more military police officers have also been deployed to Iraq to help protect a 30-person Czech Air Advisory Team based in the country, the main task of which is to advise and mentor the Iraqi Air Force's air and ground personnel over flying and maintenance of Czech made Aero L-159 ALCA (Advanced Light Combat Aircraft).

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