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Military Police in the history of our country

Before 1914
      Austro-Hungarian Empire

Small Military Police (Militarpolizei) units were operating in Austria-Hungary, but Feldgendarmerie units were more widespread.

1914-1918      Wold War I

Military Police units were incorporated into military structures of some Czechoslovak units fighting abroad, such as Czechoslovak legions in Russia or in Italy. Contrarily, Military Police was never established with Czechoslovak legion in France.

1918-1939      Czechoslovakia - a new state on the map

After the break-up of Austria-Hungary, the newly born Czechoslovak republic took over the existing security apparatus. Part of it was Gendarmerie with a repressive mission. Should a war break out, part of the Gendarmerie would transfer to the field security service directly controlled by the Army.

1939-1945      Wold War II

Shortly before Wold War II broke out Field Gendarmerie with a policing mission was set up in the Czechoslovak Army and was embeded in the Czechoslovak units abroad throughout the duration of the war. In the UK, for instance, Field Gendarmerie troops were established, that were involved in the battles at Dunkirk at the end of the war where they were commissioned to take custody of detained POWs. Similar troops were established on the Eastern Front, too.

1948-1989      Communist era

After the Wold War II Gendarmerie and Field Gendarmerie were gradually disbanded and with Communists coming into power a new security service was established in Czechoslovakia to take over all police work. It was called National Security Corps and within this corps Tank and Automobile Inspection was formed to take responsibility over military road traffic safety. This state remained until 1991 when Military Police of the Czechoslovak Army was established.